THE BEIRUT HUMANITIES REVIEW has been established as a biannual online journal of critical work produced by academics, students, artists, and translators, among others. It aims to capture the history of intellectual curiosity, informed debate and creative output which marks the city, and which the American University of Beirut it uniquely positioned to channel. The journal seeks to publish work displaying original content, critical thinking and elegant writing – something between a formal academic essay and intellectual journalism. We have no ‘typical’ issue, preferring to embrace a variety of styles, disciplines and forms.

Each issue of the BHR has a theme which can be followed as closely or loosely as contributors wish. The editorial team is made up of a changing group of students and faculty members from AUB, who participate in a collaborative peer-review process. Founded at AUB, our contributors come from a diverse range of institutions and backgrounds.

The Editorial Committee is made up of

  • Helen Mackreath

  • Farah Aridi

  • Boushra Batlouni

  • Omar Talhouk

  • Sima Ghaddar

The Advisory Committee is made up of 

  • Nadia Bou Ali, PhD.

  • Angela Harutyunyan, Ph.D.

  • Maher Jarrar, Ph.D.

  • Sonja Mejcher-Atassi, Ph.D.

Website Programmers:

  • Kassem Abboud – Lead Web Programmer

  • Ali Al Amine – Web Programmer

  • Ali Basheer – Web Programmer

Beirut Humanities Review is funded by the Mellon Institute and the Arts and Humanities Initiative at the American University of Beirut