BHR Submission Guidelines

The Beirut Humanities Review is a biannual, online journal which embraces interdisciplinarity and encourages original work, critical thinking, and elegant writing. Content accepted by BHR falls between the intellectually academic and the witty, creative journalism. BHR seeks to help close the gap between formal research papers and those produced as critically and constructively, but more creatively. BHR is therefore open to students and faculty alike.



Articles should be written in clear English. Technical terms, or those specific to a certain field, should be explained. Sources should be adequately documented, but not excessively. BHR aims to be accessible to a variety of readers and upholds the importance of clarity and cohesion. The Review is read by scholars, students, and enthusiasts alike.

BHR follows the Chicago Manual of Style.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Manuscript should be 5,000 to 7,000 words. Longer articles are considered exceptionally.
  • Manuscript should include original content and substantial documentation as per the Chicago Manual of Style.
  • Articles will be reviewed by BHR editors. Shortlisted articles will be forwarded for peer review.
  • Following The Chicago Manual of Style, Endnotes (and not footnotes) should be used, when necessary, but preferably not in excess. Extensive notes are discouraged.
  • In the case of the use of Arabic terms, transliteration is encouraged.



Submissions are to be sent electronically on the following address: . All inquiries and follow-ups are to be done via the above email address. A confirmation email will be sent out upon receiving the submission, followed soon after by an update on its status. Shortlisted writers are often times asked to edit or review their submissions.


Important Dates

BHR is now receiving papers for its third issue, themed “Social Protests and their Transformative Potential”

Deadlines for submissions: 29 February, 2016.